50% laborsaving stapler

24/6 26/6 desk stapler

50% reduced effort paper stapler specially for woman and school children users. Using 24/6 26/6 staples. Max.capacity of 30 sheets.Brand customized. Small MOQ. for trial. Professional manufacturer of high quality grade paper stapler in China.

Reduced Effort 24/6 26/6 Office Desk Stapler Model No. 2093

Description & Features:

Compared to ordinary paper staplers, it save 50% less efforts at least.
Using 24/6  26/6 staples
Stapling capacity: max. 30 sheets of 80g
Half strip metal stapler
High quality components
Absolutely perfect stapling performance

Assorted color for choice

Talking about our office staplers order quantity:
1. We can make your own brand. 

You can decide the color match. We need one color reach 2500pcs, 2000pcs at least because it is good for our material purchase.
2. You can also use our brand. 

Our brand is ZION. If you import our brand, then small quantity is no problem and mashup shipment is OK, too. 

If you have interesting in our brand staplers, please feel free to contact us and we will send you our package and colors by return.

Our laborsaving stapler is specially attractive to women and school children users. In our marketing surveys, every one loved our staplers very much 

because of good quality and especially the 50% less effort than old style staplers. 

Compared with old style staplers, our staplers really save much labor. So we name it laborsaving stapler, or light force stapler, or light touch stapler.
If you are an office stationery distributor/wholesaler/retailer, hope you consider our staplers. Definitely worth doing.

  • Call our staplers light force stapler, or light touch stapler, or laborsaving stapler. 
  • Our stapler really save much much labor when you staple files.                                                         
  • Female staffs and children will love stapling once they use our staplers.                                                
  • Compared with old style office stapler, our stapler save 50% effort at least. 
  • High quality material for our staplers.
  • Test every stapler before packing.
  • Small MOQ requirement. 
  • The market of our light force stapler is large because such stapler is the trend and will replace old style stapler very soon.

ISO9001:2008 certified factory. Experienced production technology and management. 

Self-owned research and development. Self-owned mold workshop. Self-owned hardware workshop. 
Self-owned production workshop.  Monthly output up to 300,000pcs.

Where to find light force stapler?
  • facebook channel: @officestaplerfactory
  • email us for inquiry: dylanyuan@camelliasupplies.com
  • add our Wechat/Whatsapp: +86 18779295216