Embrace 2019


2019 Office Stapler Factory with Office Stationery Distributors and Importers 

As the industrial development goes on everywhere and everyday, we cannot avoid being cheated by some sales of some factories or companies. In fact, I myself once suffered a money lost when I was fresh in sourcing in my early 20s. From that time, I deeply impressed by the feeling of cheating. Also I was once  cheated by my buyer in my late 20s. He told me that he didnot receive the parcel in his country and asked for refund. But the shipping record obviously showed that he had gotten it. I really did not know what happened at his side. He raised a complaint on Aliexpress and I finally lost the payment. But about 2 months later, the buyer still asked me about the refund. God knows what happened. That matter depressed me for months, it hurt me, hurt my hot heart of selling good products. 

Time passed without any trace but experience. And time tested everyone. To learn the skills of protecting ourselves from outside bads and to keep our business morality is the first one as long as I work in the business circle. 

2018, we did not find real customers even though we did a lot of work. But it paved the road to 2019. With our stable good quality grade and reasonable prices, we have enough confidence in 2019.