• Welcome visit us during Canton fair.

    We ourselves have no booth in Canton Fair. If your company have plan to visit the Canton Fair this time, welcome to visit and check our factory at your convenient time. Our factory is in Baoan district,Shenzhen. Hope to meet you!


  • Where to buy 50% less effort office stapler

    Call our staplers light force stapler, or light touch stapler, or laborsaving stapler. Our stapler really save much much labor when you staple files. Female staffs and children will love stapling once they use our staplers.


  • Monitor for Sale Camelliasupplies

    POS touch monitor, Computer touch monitor, Car touch monitor, Industrial LCD touch Monitor,Industrial All in Ones. Resistive/SAW Touch Screen. 7" 8" 10" 10.1" 10.4" 12" 15" 17".Professional and experienced factory.


  • Health for Business Responsibility

    So, please, every business man, ensure your good healthy body, for you and for your customers.


  • About Agent, Dealer or Manufacturer Camelliasupplies

    We are a mature factory, not big factory, but with our own development, production, quality control, warehouse and sales service department.


  • Spirit of FIFA World Cup

    Football spirit is like a Team spirit.Camelliasupplies, have been rofessionally focused on the industrial lcd monitor and office stapler for up to 10 years, with strong team spirit, like the football spirit.


  • To 37-year Birthday

    No remorse for inaction;No shame for wasting time;Then you are able to say to yourself "I lived up to my life". Business Morality is base, like the Human Morality of Man.


  • Camelliasupplies Industrial Monitor POS Monitor Office Stationery

    Camelliasupplies Industrial Monitor POS Monitor Office Stationery. With rich experiences, we ensure high quality products at economic prices. Warmly welcome your trial order.


  • TO Every Our Future: Happy International Children's Day!

    Happy International Children's Day! wish happiness of every child in the world.


  • Camelliasupplies manufacturer

    We are a 10-year up manufacturer from China. We professionally produce industrial lcd touch monitor and office light force staplers.